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BASE is an acronym standing for Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth. These four terms relate to the topics that are typically used by BASE jumpers.

We in Base Jumper are dedicated covering the latest trends and updates on BASE jumping for our readers. It is our goal to help you discover how great BASE jumping is and how you can make the most out of it.

The Start of BASE

Thanks to modern technologies, BASE jumpers have recently introduced BASE to social media users through the videos that they have taken when BASE jumping. However, the most critical impact of this to individuals is that they thought BASE jumping would be easy and affordable.

Little did they know that there are steps that should be followed in order to begin BASE jumping. There are skills to learn such as skydiving. Individuals should also need to learn from a mentor who is experienced in BASE jumping.

Fortunately, this website’s goal is to teach people about BASE jumping, the things to know prior to BASE jumping and techniques to make the most of the experience.

Here at Base Jumper, you will be provided with a lot of information before you can start BASE jumping. These include things regarding your gear and jumping. We will help you learn how to BASE jump, the gears needed, and more.

While BASE jumping is a sports that most represents freedom, it is still required for BASE jumpers to follow the legalities. Otherwise, individuals are more prone to accidents that could lead to injuries and even death. If that happens, the community will be affected negatively.

Our readers are well aware that the journey to BASE jumping is not an easy one. That said, everyone who wants to know more about BASE jumping should be the same. It is important that you know that it will take years or even require you to spend thousands of dollars just to learn how to fly wing suits.

It is also an established fact that BASE jumping is an extremely dangerous sport. Death and injury is only some of the possibilities that can result from recklessness and carelessness. Don’t worry because we in Base Jumper will provide you with what you need. From things to know prior to BASE jumping to how to handle emergency situations.

Make sure to check out the legalities of BASE jumping before going further in this website.

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