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Best base jumping in the US at 100 years age

Base jumping at the age of 100

Veteran Polito “Paul” Olivas, from Hawaii in the United States, has participated in both World War II and the Korea and Vietnam War – and has 300 parachute jumps on his resume.
So when it was time to celebrate his 100th birthday, he knew exactly what he wanted to do – namely parachute one more time.
– First you are 100 years old, then you just get older and older. I wanted to do this before I get too old, he tells KITV.
So he did a tandem jump, from about 4 kilometers altitude.
It was Polito’s first hope he made just for fun, which made it extra special. He liked it so much that he thinks it was his best birthday so far. That’s why he plans to jump again when he turns 101.

“It was a wonderful day,” he tells KITV.

Best location in the US

We have now heard that Pennsylvania been voted the best place to skydive within the US. There are a few similarities between skydive and base jumping but the most important thing for the last is that you need a mountain.

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