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Gear and equipment is important for BASE jumping due to the great risks caused by even a single mistake. That’s why Base Jumper is committed on providing jumpers the things they need to start their exciting journey. We are very much excited on seeing that jumpers are receiving help from us.

We believe that BASE jumpers should look out for each other and so we allow your fellow jumpers to post equipment that they deem to be worthy of BASE jumping. Our readers are able to post their spare gears and equipment if ever they do not need it anymore.

To take care of a fellow jumper, we prioritize on providing thoroughly tested and reliable products. As BASE jumping is very dangerous, it is absolutely critical that jumpers are confident with their gear and we are proud to be the one providing jumpers just what they need.

We provide products from different sources, including your fellow jumpers. Whether you’re in need of canopies, protective gear, stash bags, chutes, and containers, we’ve got you covered!

Here are characteristics for each gear you should look out for:

BASE Canopies

BASE canopies have come a long way in BASE jumping. It is vital that this gear has precision aerodynamics as it plays a major role in keeping you safe in BASE jumps. It should focus on stability I turbulence, heading, and accuracy performance.

BASE Containers

BASE containers are designed to hold only one parachute. More than that will cause jumpers to have insufficient time in cases of malfunctions. The important characteristics of containers are reliability, durability and even comfort. The design and construction of the containers should be spot on for the safest jump.

BASE Jumping Accessories

There are many BASE jumping accessories. Some are useful for jumping such as laser range finders and some are useful for travelling such as fanny-packs. Point is, there are uses for each of them and it is important to know how they work.

BASE Protective Gear

BASE jumping usually requires jumpers to wear body armors in case of accidents. It is important that this body armor protects the back, shoulders, elbows, the chest, and the stomach.

Pilot Chutes

Pilot chutes are small secondary parachute used to serve as a reserve parachute in cases of malfunction of BASE canopies. There is a wide variety of pilot chutes and it mainly varies on sizes. Some are even custom-made, which is the most preferable for BASE jumpers.

Stash Bags

Stash bags are also known as gear bags. While it is not seen by many as very important, it is still important for BASE jumpers when travelling.

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