man with rope 840x480 - Must-Have Accessories Before Going BASE Jumping

Must-Have Accessories Before Going BASE Jumping

A BASE jumper should ensure that he has the necessary equipment and gear before going out for a base jump. Otherwise, it will end badly resulting to injuries and even death.

Aside from canopies, containers, and other basic equipment and gear, there are other things that you can use to guide you to make BASE jumping successful.

Accessories, in particular, can personalize your BASE jumping experience and let you perform the jump as you like it. It will help you travel better to get to the place where you want to perform the BASE jump.

Here are the two accessories that can help you with BASE jumping both with travelling and the actual jump.

Laser Range Finder

Laser range finders are not exactly used when you are making the jump. However, it is very helpful when you are scoping for new sites where you can perform BASE jumping.

It will allow you to measure the height of the exit point. That way, you can figure out the best way to jump in the exit point.

You just need to either stand at the exit point before the jump and shoot downwards or shoot upwards while standing right below the exit point.

radio - Must-Have Accessories Before Going BASE Jumping

Radios & Cellphones

These are not exactly the accessories you think of with BASE jumping. However, as common as they are, communication is really important when base jumping.

It will give you the ability to communicate with the rescue team in cases of emergencies (which often happen).

Other accessories include flashlights, pull-up cord, and painkillers, among other things.

You should stick to the basics of BASE jumping when you’re only starting. If you already mastered BASE jumping a bit, then you’re probably going to need accessories less and less. But as they say, better safe than sorry.