Basejumping vs Golf

Ten Methods to Improve Your Golf Game

Millions of people play golf. Almost all of these players are more or less trapped on a silly tempo nowadays. By freeing yourself from the silly tempo you can start having much better golf experiences.

The secret is in taking much more simple actions and generating sense trying experiences. We have talked about ten of the easiest and simplest ways that you can do this. Follow these in order and soon your game could change for the better.

These strategies aren’t rocket science but they are simple and easy to follow. They are also very effective. You can use one or all ten strategies throughout an entire round of golf. Start slow then proceed to the fast and finally finish strong. Pretty easy right? Tough question, huh?

These are really only ten of the many ways to improve your game. Like almost everything else in life you will need to create a massive check-list of all the positive and negative aspects of your everyday life. Don’t forget to write them down so that you can daily review them.

Here are a few things to easily change to ensure better health, more energy and a better golf experience.

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Ten Easy Strategies To Improve Your Golf Playing:

1. Get the club in the right place:

Billiards is fascinating to watch and play. But in order to do it make sure that your cue ball is close to the yellow edge which is most commonly found at the top of your club face, also known as the knot. If your club has a heavy double knot it may take you a couple of times to get the club into the right spot. But when you do it will be a cinch. With this type of stroke speed you can power clear across the green.

2. Couldn’t hit the ball:

This one is amazingly common and could be the easiest way to develop a better golf swing. When you kick the ball out it is usually because you could not get it over the net in the right place. We all know about the power of the backswing. Sure it can be useful but sometimes we need to kick the ball in a different direction. This will kind of wake up the sleeping giant inside you and make an opportunity for more distance.

3. Flexible like a cat:

Getting into shape is a recurring theme throughout golf. As you work your way through the weeks in order to be on par with the golf professionals you will be at a youthful peak performance. For 175 or even 200 yards you have to be able to be flexible in order to play well. You have to be able to generate great smoothening forces through out the course in order to minimize the chances of poor shots. Flexibility training and specific core work can really help.

4. Project confident:

It is all about Maximize Your Impact control in golf. My friend, Mark Schultz, a former PGA tour player who wrote the book The Mind Gym says this in his book The Ruth Technique: “Long shots do not have to last long to make you a winner. You simply have to finish the hole before the opposition even has a chance to take a shot!”

5. Making small progresses:

By making small strides you build on your Wave Completion (short-term) memory. The good news is that this will help seeds of positive memories with each wave. When it eventually all sinks in that you can still play super well and even win the money on the Russians Cup tournament. In order to do this you must practice this regularly. Count out loud like crazy (supper anyone?) until everything in your mind fades to nothing A consistent number after each hole (once you’ve mastered this that is) that you will shoot a king size slice to the top right corner of the basket.

6. Getting the carts ready:

Some people see practice as wasted effort. According to my golf coach Bob Fosse (former USGA PGA golf marketer) when we see 5 things happen in a practice clients’ practice sessions that usually mean they are ready to play. The 5 things that all others seem to miss (at almost every practice session) are:

Going on the right course getting close to the ball (see above) Getting the feel of the golf club swinging Geometric line accountability

7. Easy on the score card:

“You tend to play consistent golf if you have high scores in practice even when you play poorly”. This sounds like something Jack Nicklaus (the all-time best score kicker) would say. This concept can globalization on so many levels and yet is so include all players. Let’s swing the same golf club in a game and pretend we are all the same. We pretend we are playing with a four iron even though we vary the club head size at right hand with our left hand.