himalayan 840x480 - The Most Extreme Locations for BASE Jumping

The Most Extreme Locations for BASE Jumping

For hardcore BASE jumper enthusiasts, finding the most extreme places to jump from is one of the most challenging tasks there is.

They don’t think of where on Earth they have to travel and what actions they have to take to reach that location.

Keep in mind, however, that these places that we’ll be discussing are not locations for those who are weak hearted and novices. These are only for those experience BASE jumpers that want to experience the ultimate thrill.

Here are some of the most extreme locations for BASE jumping. Take note that some of them do not allow BASE jumping in some cases.

falls - The Most Extreme Locations for BASE Jumping

Angel Falls, Venezuela

If jumping down against a waterfall sound enticing to you, then Angel Falls in Venezuela is probably the best place for you to do BASE jumping. With over 3,000 feet from bottom to top, it’s the highest waterfall in the world.

Burj Khalifa, UAE

This building in Dubai is nearly 3,000 feet making it one of the most extreme locations for BASE jumping. However, as previously mentioned, jumping in buildings like these can get you arrested after landing. So make sure you get the proper permits.

brazil stature - The Most Extreme Locations for BASE Jumping

Christ the Redeemer Statue, Brazil

Short BASE jumps bring a special thrill to jumpers and that’s what Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil offers. That said, a single mistake can lead to fatal injury or death. So there’s no room for any error if you’re going to jump in this structure.

Meru Peak, Himalayan Mountains

The Meru Peak is known for being the place with the highest jump recorded in history. It is over 21,000 from top to bottom. However, it will surely take some time to climb this mountain. In fact, the first recorded jump took 22 days to climb.

Perrine Bridge in the USA

The Perrine Bridge is one place that allows BASE jumpers. They created a facility that specifically allows BASE jumpers take an elevator and perform jumps. This is probably the most famous location for BASE jumpers.

empire - The Most Extreme Locations for BASE Jumping

The Empire State Building, New York City

This place also considers BASE jumping illegal is it is a building within a city. It is roughly 1,200 from top to bottom.

It is important to remember that extreme locations will require extreme measurements, too in order for you to land safely. So have you decided where you want to jump next?