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Win a parachuting experience

Who has not at least ever dreamed of parachuting? Just the idea of ​​being thrown out of an airplane and then falling free before the parachute slows down the free fall tickles the mind. Now anyone who wants can get involved in this, to say the least, exciting experience. We’re talking about tandem jumping.

We humans have always dreamed of being able to fly like the birds we see floating high up in the air. The ultimate experience of this miracle – to fly freely – can be gained by jumping parachute. This is something that everyone can do thanks to the technology of tandem jumping.

Parachuting is a growing sport in the world with hundred thousands of active jumpers. But you don’t necessarily have to be interested in sports and leisure to be able to jump parachute. Tandem jumping enables anyone who wants to experience a real parachute jump. It all boils down to the fact that a specially trained parachutist takes a passenger who is strapped into him or her. The passenger is given a brief review before boarding the aircraft. The tandem pilot then handles everything from jump to landing. It is only for the passenger to follow and be amazed by the immense experience.

Tandem jumping is a perfect experience to give to someone you want to get away with. Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, a tail sex or bridal shower or similar occasions are made to be crowned with a tandem jump. This experience also fits well as corporate gifts in connection with a major event of some kind.


parachuting - Win a parachuting experience

There are today also plenty of website with competitions where you can win a parachuting experience for you and your friend in a tandem jump. The most known competition that we heard of so far is the website in Sweden, mostly famous for their no licens casinos. They had a competition together with the famous brand Bet365 that the winner of a competition would get to go parachuting in Dubai.

You can jump in your usual clothes, but make sure you have low shoes on you. No high heels and no boots, that is. You must be in good health and at least 140 centimeters but not more than two meters long and weigh no more than 100 kilos. If you are under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by a goalkeeper at tandem jumps.